My Daughter Built Her Own Game App! - ellaslist Reviews Code Camp

Did you ever tease your parents for not knowing how to operate the VCR? Are you old enough (like me) to have experienced the Nintendo Game & Watch revolution? Ever wonder, as a parent yourself, exactly when your own children’s understanding and utilisation of new technology would surpass yours?

Josh Young
Coding - Today's Superpower

Two questions we’re often asked at Code Camp are “What is coding?” and “Why is it so important?” (that’s right, you’re not the only person asking the question!)

Benjamin Levi
Brand new Ignite. Brand new Leap.

Over the past couple of months we have completely rebuilt our Ignite Code Camp from the ground up.  More fun, more exciting code, challenging logic, incredible lesson plans and brand new game assets!

Josh Young
70% of Parents Have No Idea What Their Children Do

A recent study carried out by networking site, LinkedIn found that 70% of parents had no real idea of what their offspring do for a living. With the rapidly changing new-jobs market, that’s hardly surprising. Many jobs that exist today weren’t around 10 or even 5 years ago.

Josh Young
How Nintendo missed the boat with Super Mario Run

So this week millions of people downloaded ‘Super Mario Run’… 

Nintendo had the opportunity of a lifetime

  • Arguably the most recognisable game character ever (Mario)
  • Without a doubt, the greatest ever App Store marketing campaign (clearly a brilliant commercial relationship with Apple!)
  • Releasing just before Christmas and the holiday period 

What could possibly go wrong?

Benjamin Levi
Can A Child Code With A Learning Disability? Of Course They Can!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Code Camp. They were awesome enough to offer one of my kids to go along to a 3 Day Coding workshop in Carindale, South Brisbane. I offered to review and post the feedback on Australian Mum and my readers – Thats you right now! – might be interested.

Josh Young
Keeping Our Kids Safe In A Digital World

For today’s kids, the Internet is full of endless promise and potential, an exciting place to explore, learn, create, and share. For parents, however, the Internet can be a place full of threats to children’s safety and privacy. It’s tempting to set up blocks and filters to stop children from exploring, but it won’t be long before these blocks are circumvented. Some of the best “hackers” I know are my 10 year old nephews who constantly find new ways to subvert the family firewall to get access to blocked content. The more it gets locked down, the more interested they are in finding ways around it!

Josh Young