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Coding – Today’s Superpower

Two questions we’re often asked at Code Camp are “What is coding?” and “Why is it so important?” (that’s right, you’re not the only person asking the question!)

Let’s start by saying that coding is not new – but it is becoming more relevant in your life, every single day at an exponential rate.

© Jason Ratliff

In short, coding is simply telling a computer what to do by providing a series of step-by-step instructions, and it’s how we create software, apps and websites – all of which power the digital world we live in.

In today’s world knowing how to code is like having a superpower – many people have great ideas, very few can turn those ideas into reality.

A superpower which is available to everyone; boys, girls, men and women. In fact, 66% of Code Camp’s developers are women, and 53% of our coding teachers are women.

Coding is fun, involves logic, problem solving, computational thinking, psychology and a lot of design and creativity – and almost everything you touch today has been coded; from the computers powering your car, to your iPhone, your computer, microwave, or the buzzer to access your apartment block.

On TV or in the movies you have likely seen people coding by typing green text on a black screen, and at Code Camp you’ll see that our kids start off with drag and drop coding….

Here is the secret – the logic behind the drag and drop and the green lines of text is exactly the same. They both translate into a language your computer understands (if we’re getting all technical, it’s compiling into binary code – 1s and 0s – but we’ll leave that for another post!)

Teaching students to code via drag and drop allows us to focus on the logic without slowing down due to syntactical errors (i.e. we automate a few of the intricate pieces – semicolons, brackets – so our students can continue moving forward with the logic and learn more and more).

We’re proud to launch our students on their journey to being able to create infinite possibilities – anything they can imagine.

A few random coding facts:

  • Google search: To run a Google search seems like a simple matter of typing a question, but the developers working for Google have written over 2 billion lines of code to power their search, Gmail, Google Maps and all other accompanying products.
  • App Store favourite Candy Crush Saga has 28 developers working full-time on the game (in another post we’ll talk about what it takes to build a truly addictive and successful app!)
  • And even your old-school traffic lights. While there is already an incredible amount of code happening behind the scenes keeping traffic flowing, a Korean firm is taking traffic lights to the next level – they’re building a traffic lights network that will talk to your car through your navigation system, helping you avoid nearby red lights and let you know how fast you need to travel to get through traffic.

It’s unlikely you’ll become Batman, Wonder Woman or Superman (sorry!), so give coding a try and start your very own journey today to having a real superpower in much need all over the world.