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  • Little League is aimed at 5 and 6 year olds
  • Spark and Ignite are our beginner and intermediate courses for students aged 7-12
  • Blast 3D and AR are our most advanced camps, designed for age 8-13 students

Code Camp runs from 9am to 3:30pm each day with drop off from 8:30am and pick up between 3:30pm and 4pm. Look out for our late pickup locations where your child can stay with us until 5pm!

No, we ask all parents to pack enough food for recess and lunch along with a water bottle.

We ask all parents to pack enough food for recess and lunch along with a water bottle. On sunny days, please pack a hat and ensure they have sunscreen on before arriving ready for outdoor play.

Our students will take a break outdoors for around 20 minutes for recess in the morning and 50 minutes for lunch in the afternoon. Once they have eaten, we encourage them to play amongst their new Code Camp friends.
Within the classroom, our Spark, Ignite and Blast 3D/ AR students’ lesson time will vary between learning the coding concepts via interactive class activities, following along with the teacher on the board and perfecting their own level designs.
Our Little League lesson plans are aimed towards our youngest minded students (5 & 6 year olds) therefore have been developed by Qualified Teachers to accommodate shorter attention spans. Their lesson time will vary between iPad activities and offline activities such as coding board games, educational group games and arts & crafts.

That all depends on the camp location. Some of our partnering venues are able to provide our students with the use of their computers/ iPads for the duration of camp. For those who cannot, you’ll have the option during the enrolment steps to provide your own device or hire one of ours. Either way, you’ll be able to access your child’s Code Camp creation from home after camp.

Yes. Sometimes we do have to drag the children away from their computers as they are so enthralled in the new adventure they themselves are creating but we definitely do get the children out into the playground. We provide balls, ropes and other equipment that can be used during recess and lunch time to play with.

Class sizes vary depending upon enrolments at each school, but regardless of the class size we maintain incredibly strong teacher to student ratios so all children get the attention and support they need. There are usually 15 to 25 children per class with a lead teacher and 1 or 2 teaching assistants depending on class size.

Our most advanced camps are aimed for children up to age 13. Unfortunately we don’t currently cater for children aged 14 and above but if you have any questions regarding their passion for coding, send us a message and we’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Our main focus is to teach and inspire as many children as possible therefore we usually run at schools and venues that are open to the community. If you are thinking about hosting a private group session, please give us a call so we can discuss possibilities further.

We launched our new Blast 3D camp in Autumn 2018 which is perfect for children who have attended Ignite or Blast 2D.

Blast AR is a brand new camp which is perfect for children who have attended Ignite, Blast 2D or Blast 3D.

Both are great options for our most advanced students and those who have already completed Ignite. Our Blast 3D and AR students will use pure JavaScript to code their creations, the language of the web. After completing Blast 3D, they will walk away with their very own 3D game within their virtual world. With the brand new Blast AR, they’ll learn how to build an immersive AR game which will come to life in the world around them.