Blast 3D

Ages 8 - 13 / Grades 3 - 7    Advanced students only

Welcome to Blast 3D, the world’s first 3D coding platform designed for kids to code, create and build spectacular worlds and apps. Our most advanced camp is designed for those who have completed Spark & Ignite and are ready to take on the world of pure JavaScript.

Your child will walk away with their very own 3D game playable on any iOS or Android device via our Code Camp App!

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Why your kids will love Blast 3D

Build your own iPhone app

Build your own iPhone app

Like our Spark and Ignite camps, you'll walk away with your very own game playable on any iOS or Android device via our Code Camp App!

Master the fundamentals of line coding

Master the fundamentals of line coding

This is really advanced stuff, Blast 3D moves away from Drag & Drop coding taught at our other camps and over 3 or 4 days kids learn the world of JavaScript. Code your own game in pure Line Coding!

A solid understanding of JavaScript!

A solid understanding of JavaScript!

The language of the web, JavaScript is used all over the world to build the digital world we live in.

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Code Camp 2D unicorn

If your kids loved coding with Unicorns, Aliens and Zombies in our other Camps, get ready to see unbelievable excitement when their characters come to life in 3D!

Meet a few of our incredible team

Mentor name
Emily P

Camp Manager

Emily is a professional teacher at Lismore South Public School, and works as a Camp Manager during her school holidays. Camp Managers are In charge of sign in, sign out, child safety, first aid, and simply making sure your kids have the absolute best time in a super safe environment!

Mentor name
Jesse B

Code Camp Teacher

Jesse is the Head of STEM at Mount Sinai College, and one of the most incredibly passionate and brilliant primary school educators you will ever meet. Jesse is also working with us at Code Camp HQ to inspire our hundreds of teachers around the country.

Mentor name
Mary H

In-class Assistant

A Computer Science student at Queensland’s University of Technology, Mary spends each uni holidays inspiring and teaching Code Camp students. In Mary words, she ‘loves fostering students' interest in all things tech!’

All of our staff have:
  • Working With Children Checks
  • Full Code Camp training
  • A genuine passion for technology
Each camp has:
  • A fully qualified First Aider
  • Play facilities
  • Secure classrooms
Book with confidence:
  • Over 35,000 kids taught so far
  • Sponsored by Westpac, powered by HP
  • Secure online payments
Code Camp - camp manager Emily
Code Camp - Head teacher Jesse
Code Camp - In-class Assistant Mary

What does your first day of Blast 3D look like?


8:30am - 9:00am

Drop your kids off at Code Camp from 8:30am. Please sign-in your kids with one of our camp managers (hint: you'll find them in the orange t-shirts).


9:00am - 10:45am

This is where we introduce ourselves to each other and 'Code Camp World', the web platform where we'll build our new game over the next 3 or 4 days! We then get started on designing our first level.

Air Time

10:45am - 11:15am

Some time for the kids to be in the playground, play with their new friends and have a bite to eat.

The Fun Continues

11:15am - 12:45pm

Using the fundamentals of Javascript, we now start creating and exploring a 3D scene


12:50pm - 1:30pm

Depending on the venue we'll have some handball and soccer games, or make use of other school equipment (skipping ropes, balls etc.). While we do want your kids to learn the incredible skills of tomorrow, we're big fans of outdoor fun too!

Afternoon Action

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Now that we have a scene, we can create an actor/ player to engage in our new world. We’ll use line coding to get our actor moving around, and experimenting with scaling, rotating and elevating our actors.

Pick Up

3:30pm - 4:00pm

The hardest part of the afternoon session is telling the kids they need to stop coding and go home!