Before & After School Coding Classes

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Before & After School Code Camps:
What's Involved?

  • We teach kids how to code, build games and have fun before or after school with Code Camp.
  • Coding is fun, involves logic, problem solving, computational thinking, psychology and a lot of design and creativity.
  • Kids walk away with their very own app, playable via the Code Camp App store available for iOS and Android.
  • We use our proprietary software 'Code Camp World' to teach Drag & Drop coding that allows us to focus on the logic without getting bogged down with complex syntax.
  • Classes run each week of term for 60 - 105 minutes per week (depending on school).

Schools offering after school Code Camps

Code Camp is currently taking enrolments for after school programs at the following schools in NSW & VIC. Please click the relevant link below to register.

Please note: Before and after school Code Camp is only open to students from the host school, in years 2-6