Stencyl Install Instructions 

Be up and running in 8 minutes!

Hi there,

It’s great you’ve chosen to use your own device at Code Camp! It’ll ensure your child has all the tools ready to keep coding on their masterpiece and to stay engaged and continue learning after camp finishes.

At Code Camp Spark & Ignite your son or daughter will use Stencyl, an incredible program (with a free version available too) which is based on a drag and drop programming style, like a far more advanced version of Scratch. Through this we are able to introduce them to many of the concepts that are relevant to coding at any level, without getting caught up in the early days with the syntax of code, i.e. searching for a missing semicolon!

Your son or daughter will learn about coding, logic and computational thinking while being creative and taking ownership of their very own iPhone app.

Now, as long as you have a fairly recent Mac or PC (it certainly does not need to be brand new!), you shouldn’t have any issues getting Stencyl to work, and it should only take you 8 minutes from here to be up and running. Please be sure to complete these instructions (with your child helping if you'd like) ahead of time so we've got a chance to help should any issues crop up or should you need Code Camp to organise you a PC instead.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Download Stencyl (4 minutes)

If you’re on Mac you can download Stencyl from here

If you’re on PC then you can download Stencyl from here 

2. Install Stencyl (2 minutes)

Double clicking the Stencyl file should see it open and install (Can't open Stencyl on a Mac and see this? Right-click the Stencyl icon and select Open.)

3. Create a Blank Game (2 minutes)

This important step will make sure Stencyl is installed correctly on your PC or Mac and will be perfectly appropriate for Code Camp.

Create a Test Game.

After opening Stencyl for the first time you'll see this screen. Simply hit "Click here to create a new game" to get started.

For our test game you'll be using the Blank Game, so on the next screen merely hit "Next".

On the next screen you'll need to enter a game name. "Test Game" will work just fine. Then hit "Create".

Create a Test Scene.

Simply hit "This game contains no scenes. Click here to create one" to get started.

You'll need to give your scene a name, "test scene" will do just fine. You can also set a background colour to give this test game a bit of pizazz 

Test your Game.

Now it's time to check everything works just fine. Simply hit "Test Game" and wait a minute or so.

If your test scene pops up inside Flash Player Debugger (on Mac) or Flash Player (on Windows) then you're all good. Simply close Stencyl (it continually autosaves) and we'll see you at Code Camp 


Any problems?

If you're experiencing any issues or have questions, queries or would just like to say hi then please email us at , otherwise we're super excited to see you at Code Camp!