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Why Learn To Code?

Learning to code is about more than being a software developer. In reality, very few kids who attend Code Camp will go on to being programmers. But in an increasingly digital world, more and more jobs will require even a basic knowledge of coding.


“Even if kids don't eventually pursue a career as a coder, learning how to think like one helps hone logical thinking and problem-solving skills." – Nathan Blecharczyk, Co-Founder of Airbnb 

“I actually believe that coding is like the new literacy, and it's going to be as important to code in the future as it is to be able to read and write today.”
– Matt Mullenweg, Creator of Wordpress

What happens at Code Camp?

Each day begins with drop-off between 8.30am and 9.00am. Look our for our friendly, uniformed staff on arrival the venue!

Day One

First Thing's First

Intro to Code Camp World, our very own coding software that the kids will build their games with!

Let's Get Started

Let’s create our game! We create a brand new game and design the first level using our exclusive graphics packs – this is the world our player will navigate their way through in our games. This is where kids can make their games their own, every game is different and we’re always amazed at how creative the kids are with their level designs!

We add our first character!

Let’s add some animation our first character to make their movements appear more realistic

We add some code so that the character can move around the level, this involves learning a bit about X & Y coordinates and even a little bit of physics (in a fun way!)

Home Time

Each day ends at 3pm with pick-up until 3.30pm

Each student leaves with their very own game playable via the Code Camp app!