Code Camp Spark

  • Grades 2-7

  • Three or four days

Thank you so much for running the extremely successful and enjoyable code camp experience. Our daughter Mia enjoyed her time with your team in the great environment you created for the children. We are very proud of her game and will be downloading it on all the devices in our home, our families homes and more!
— Sherobhi, Code Camp parent

Code Camp is taught by professional teaching staff with real-life experience in the technology industries. We love our staff and our staff love inspiring the next generation of tech-superstars! If you’re interested in working with us, check out our current opportunities.

Meet Tyson

Tyson has been a Code Camp head-teacher for two years (?) and has taught at over 20 camps! He is studying Computer Science at University of Wollongong and recently travelled to Uluru to teach Code Camp for remote Indigenous communities. Check out what they got up to here.

Fun, engaging and challenging… and are our most known Code Camp which more than 10,000 students have completed. Code Camp Spark is where every student in grades 2-7 should start their Code Camp journey. It's more fun than hunting for Pokémon, and you'll learn, create and build your very own iPhone/Android app! Logic, computational thinking, user experience, creativity and problem solving of building apps and games are all covered.

Day One

  • Introduction to Stencyl

  • Start building the foundations of your new game

Day Two

  • Add lives, ‘coins’ and players to your game

  • We add objects like ‘spikes’ that cause a player to lose lives

Day Three

  • Baddie-busting projectiles and other fun stuff are added to give the games an extra layer of excitement

Day Four

  • Build more levels and really make your games your own by adding unique design elements


All our students get their very own Code Camp t-shirt, hat and even a medal! But most importantly their very own game to play at home on their iPhone/Android or web browser. We’ll also send you the Stencyl files so they can carry on developing their game at home.