Welcome to Leap

At Code Camp we're passionate about building a generation of creators and makers.  A generation of changemakers.  Students who see problems as challenges, and then love to find and create the solutions. 

After teaching more than 15,000 students in Australia, we decided it was time to assemble our very own incredible team of developers, teachers and tech entrepreneurs, to build a unique platform, Code Camp 'Leap’. 

We're excited to inspire the next generation of tech superstars to create infinite possibilities.

We hope you download Code Camp Leap and have a go at building your very own Flappy Birds game in 30 minutes!  We promise it will be highly addictive and a lot of fun!  If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Daniel Zwolenski
CTO of Code Camp

VIDEO: See behind the scenes - how we built Leap

Download Leap

  1. Download Leap (we'll send you an email with a link for PC and Mac versions)
  2. Access our free graphic and characters
  3. Go through our 10 steps to building your own 'Flappy Birds' style of game!
  4. Submit your games to our Code Camp App Store
  5. Join a webinar to learn more (coming soon)
Leap is available for MacOS 10.7 (Lion) and above and Windows 7 and above (32-bit & 64-bit versions).

Create your own ‘Flappy Birds’ with Code Camp Leap in just 12 steps!

Step by step instructions to build your own app. We'll start with drag and drop code, for students from year 2 through to adults.

Click here for step by step instructions


What is Code Camp Leap?

  • Leap is software we have built internally to teach students to code and build products, from games to apps. We've built Leap for students in years 2-8!

What is the cost?

  • Currently Code Camp is completely free for individual and non commercial use. 
  •  Our licence allows education providers to use Leap with written permission.

From Drag and Drop to JavaScript