Brand new Ignite. Brand new Leap.

Loved Code Camp?

NEW Ignite Code Camp for returning students ft. our brand new Leap platform

Over the past couple of months we have completely rebuilt our Ignite Code Camp from the ground up.  More fun, more exciting code, challenging logic, incredible lesson plans and brand new game assets!

We’re passionate about building a generation of creators and makers.  A generation of changemakers. Students who see problems as challenges, and then love to find and create the solutions. 

After teaching more than 15,000 students, we decided it was time to assemble our own incredible team of developers, teachers and tech entrepreneurs, and create something totally unique.  We’ve built a platform, ‘Leap’, that will inspire the next generation of tech superstars, and allow our students to create infinite possibilities. 

This Easter, Ignite will be run on our software.

  • Full control to create endless possibilities
  • New challenging lesson plans which were not possible on third party applications
  • The full coding journey - from drag and drop to JavaScript
  • Leap on all devices (starting with PC and Mac, and then iOS in the not too distant future)
  • Beautiful graphics – we’ve designed a professional graphics library for students to use to make their games look incredible
  • Improved gameplay - we’re teaching the students about the psychology of gamification (how to make games more addictive!)
  • Featured App Store  – play your kids’ games using our new downloadable Code Camp App Store (we’ll be on the App Store before the Easter holidays!!)
  • Continue on coding at home after Code Camp finishes with our brand-new, soon to be released challenges!

We can’t wait to show off Leap at our Ignite Code Camps these Easter/Autumn school holidays!

Josh Young