6 Reasons Learning To Code Is Cooler Than Being Batman!

1. Become a Creator and Maker
Think Uber, Facebook, Airbnb and Google. Learn to code and build iPhone apps which can be distributed globally to change the world! Even Batman can only be in one place at a time…

2. Logic and Problem Solving
Coding teaches you to break down large problems (which sometimes seem impossible) into smaller bite-size pieces which you can actually solve. While Batman deals with Gotham you can solve problems with incredible technology to impact the world. Challenge accepted!

3. Build Confidence
Once you realise that you have the superpowers to create anything (addictive games, beautiful websites or apps which provide solutions) you’ll have all the confidence in the world to take with you back into the classroom and solve problems faster than ever before!

4. Entrepreneurial Thinking
Learn to brainstorm new ideas, understand user experience, take your new found confidence and learn to pitch your ideas, get creative with marketing and use all of the above to find real solutions to solve real problems. See your ideas come to life.

5. Make mistakes
Possibly most important of all, learning to code teaches you that it’s ok to make mistakes and bounce back and try again! At Code Camp, and with coding in general, you’re taught to test and test and test your code, logic and ideas…. and keep trying again until you find the perfect solution.

6. Hardware and Gadgets
Finally, what’s cooler than driving the Batmobile? Designing and then creating your own. Imagine faster than a Ferrari and running on batteries. Just like a Tesla….. or SpaceX… Elon Musk is cooler than Batman!


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Benjamin Levi